Creative Storage in Garden Rooms


How To Make The Most of Your Space

When creating your perfect garden room, for many people this will require storage space.

Whether it be for garden tools, for kids toys to store away at the end of a fun-filled day, or maybe that stock of wine or drinks for your fabulous garden bar. 

With this in mind, a bespoke garden room gives you the flexibility to have your ‘room’ designed your way – with your lifestyle and needs in mind.

Many of our customers choose to have a separate storage room encompassed into their garden room.

Either by entry through the room itself partitioned off with an internal door, or a door from the outside leading into a separate storage room. 

Having a separate storage room can still keep your garden room looking stunning and unique.

Have a look at some of these great examples below of our Haon garden rooms where our clients have chosen to have a separate storage area accessed by an outside uPVC door.  


How About a Hidden Door?

Alternatively, other customers have also chosen the outside door option, but have preferred to hide their storage rooms away behind one of our specially designed and custom-built hidden doors.

How spectacular do these look?


Built to Any Shape

Because a bespoke garden room can be built to almost any shape, an unusual garden outline can give you an area at the back of your garden room which can be partitioned off.

With an internal wall and door, this gives you the traditional rectangular or square garden room in itself, with a storage room using up the unusual shape behind.

And all this encompassed under one roof! 

Have a look at this lovely unusual room, this would be a perfect candidate for an unusual storage space!

view from above of unusual shaped garden room in corner of garden
Inside garden office with furniture and shelf separating room

For multi-use garden rooms which require separate spaces, tall book-cases against walls, or built-in cupboards, can be used for storage, taking full advantage of the complete room height. 

Or lower book cases or cupboard units can be used to section-off room parts, giving separate spaces or zones. 

As with one of our lovely clients who wanted his own space to play his video games within a beautiful family-friendly garden room.

Used for entertaining and chilling-out, they have cleverly sectioned out their garden room to happily accommodate all their requirements.

You can read all about how they did this in our latest projects.


Options Are Endless

When thinking about your garden room and storage space, it doesn’t just have to end with our fabulously creative design and bespoke building of your garden room.

There is so much that can be done with furniture to maximize your storage space.

For example footstalls and coffee tables with hidden storage inside are just the very beginning. 

In fact, the options for storage in garden rooms are endless.

If you would like advice with designing your garden room, then give one of our experts a call on 01908 893215 to book a showroom visit today. 

Or, why not have a go at designing your very own bespoke garden room with our 3D garden room design tool?

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