The Benefits of Garden Room Blinds


The Ultimate Finishing Touch!

The absolute finishing touch to any garden room, whether it be used as a garden officegym, studio or multi-use room, can often be the furnishings, including curtains or blinds.

As with the majority of our customers, we feel that blinds tend to work better with not only the aesthetics of the rooms, but for functionality too.

At Haon Garden Rooms we partner with Concorde Blinds (who offer a wide range of made to measure blinds, in an array of wonderful colour or patterns) to help you put that fabulous finishing touch to your garden room.

You can view a wide range of their blind options on their fantastic gallery page.


Blinds perfectly fitted to the windows and doors, sliding effortlessly, and either light filtering or black-out, not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden room, but also gives the addition of privacy.

It also reduces the bright sunshine on those beautiful sunny mornings or crisp winter low-sun afternoons.

The ‘Perfect-Fit’ blind option, which fit beautifully into Bi-fold, French doors or side lights and windows are pleated blinds which sit inside the frame of your windows and doors.

Blending in effortlessly, they can be pulled up or down to the required heights as you wish. 

Having this type of blind fitted inside the windows and doors compliments the room without detracting from its décor.

Three fold bi fold doors with fitted white blinds
Close up of grey blinds half closed on large bi fold doors

And then of course, there’s the option of having roller blinds which are perfect for our new sliding doors! 

But of course, roller blinds work just as well with all types of doors and windows. 

One of our clients’ favourites is the motorised roller blinds. 

Controlled by a remote from both inside the house and inside the garden room itself, what more could you want than to stand inside your house, looking out to your garden with your morning cup of tea or coffee in hand, and press the remote to open up your garden room blinds and bring your whole home to life? 

And the same goes for the evening too, there’s no hop-skip-and-a-jump across the garden to close up your garden room for the night – a simple press of the button on your blind’s remote will do this for you, all from the comfort of your house.

Another reason why we partner with a reputable and diverse blind company is so you can co-ordinate your garden room blinds with those in your home should you wish, as many of our existing and previous clients have chosen to do. 

And, on many occasions, our clients have decided it’s the perfect time to replace their existing blinds and curtains in their home, and match them to their stunning new garden room’s ones. 

This can all be done at the same time with our partner company on hand.

With such a variety of blinds, be it perfect-fit, manual or automatic roller, or inset, to name just a few, and a variety of colours to choose from, garden room blinds are a fabulous way to put that pièce de résistance to your stunning garden room!

If you would like advice with designing your garden room, then give one of our experts a call on 01908 893215 to book a showroom visit today. 

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