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In recent years there’s been a significant shift in the way we work, with more and more people choosing to work from home. Even if it’s for just a few days per week.

It’s not just freelancers or small companies. Working from home and flexible hours has become common practise for many employees.

Therefore, it is imperative to create a working space that separates your work from your home, giving you that perfect work-life balance.

At Haon Garden Rooms, we firmly believe that the quality of a workspace environment has a direct impact on productivity, along with influencing a person’s mental health from being at home for more of the time.

During the 2020 lockdowns people started to appreciate their gardens more than ever before and began to look for ways to utilise the space and tranquillity it provided.   

From that moment on, the culture of home working has snow-balled and today it is something that’s taken very much for granted. 

The key to successfully working from home is to gain that work-life balance, and to create a garden office that inspires you as well as fulfilling all your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a single person’s workspace for those uninterrupted Zoom calls, or a more substantial office to run a business, Haon Garden Rooms can provide you with a beautiful garden office which will enhance your garden and meet all your requirements.

Read on to find out all about our bespoke garden offices or dive straight into our sample prices and standard specification.

A Perfect Work Life Balance

Sometimes the line between work and family life can become a little blurred.  

The key to a work-life balance is to have a completely separate working space.

A Haon garden office is the perfect way to achieve this.

Close the door on work at the end of the day and switch off completely! 

Side angle of garden office with light oak cladding and tall side window
Inside garden office with bright yellow chairs and office furniture

No More

No more having to deal with heavy traffic or sitting on public transport for hours every day.

With your perfect garden office, you can simply walk across the garden and you’re already at work!

Privacy and Peace Guaranteed

Our Garden Offices are great for creating a space where there are no interruptions or  unwanted distractions.

Get on with those Zoom meetings or just enjoy the peace and quiet you need to focus.

Haon garden office at night time with lights on.
Front of garden office with large bush in front

Free Up Valuable
Space at Home

No more clearing away the work pile from the dining room table to make way for dinner or to start your working day in the morning. 

Reclaim your spare bedroom by creating a completely separate workspace with a beautiful and spacious office in your garden.

Book a Showroom Appointment

The best way to truly experience the quality and workmanship of our garden rooms is by visiting our fantastic showroom in Stagsden, Bedfordshire.

Inside our fantastic showroom with garden room built and comfy chairs in front

Why Choose a Haon Garden Office

With more of us working from home than ever before, our garden office rooms have been designed to meet the needs of today’s busy professionals.

Haon Garden Rooms will design your office space to make working from home as easy and comfortable as possible, but with so many more added benefits! 

With our beautiful designs and range of composite cladding and wood to choose from, we’ll create you a garden office of absolute beauty.

Plenty of sockets and data points, along with well thought out window and door placements to maximise light and views, means we can create you the perfect working environment. 

We offer a vast range of bi-folding and French doors for you to choose from, to not only aesthetically enhance your office but for what best suits the style and design of your garden office.

For maximum safety and security, all our garden offices come with uPVC doors and windows fitted with locks, so any valuable computer equipment or important documents are kept safe and protected.

With double glazed units and hybris insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor, all Haon Garden Rooms offices can be used comfortably any time of year.

We also have the option to upgrade from a fitted electric wall heater to air conditioning which doubles up as a heater for those chillier days. 

Contact one of our garden room experts today, and we’ll design your perfect working-from-home space.

Why not check out our challenges with working from home blog article to see what our experts have to say!

Garden Office Sample Prices and Standard Specification

  • Ground screw foundation system.
  • Fully insulated walls, floor, and ceilings.
  • EPDM Rubber roof.
  • Internal strip spotlights.
  • 4 double sockets and 1 data point.
  • External lights with PIR.
  • Choice of external cladding including composite and real wood.
  • Choice of uPVC or aluminium windows and doors.
  • Fully plastered and painted interior.
  • Choice of high quality floor finishes.
  • Electric wall heater.
  • Internet connection.


Our prices are inclusive of VAT and installation and start from.....
  • 2m X 2m - £17,500
  • 3m X 2m - £18,550
  • 3m X 3m - £21,150
  • 4m X 3m - £22,850
Side angle of garden office with white cladding

Latest Garden Office Project

Read about a recent project where we designed and built a stunning home office for a financial consultancy business in Buckinghamshire.

Do I need planning permission for a garden office?

Not if you have permitted development rights and stay within 2.5m maximum height and 30m2 in size (external measurement), or the building is placed at least 2m away from your boundary.  For further information please see your local authority’s planning guidelines or contact one of our advisers who will be able to assist you.

What is the largest garden office without planning permission?

As long as you have Permitted Development Rights you can built up to 2.5m high by 30 m2, or bigger if you are more than 2m away from your boundaries.  However, this is a rough guide and we suggest you contact your local authority’s planning guidelines or planning department for further information.

How close to my boundary can I build a garden office?

You can build right up to 50cm from your boundary.

Can you sleep in a garden office?

You can sleep in your garden room or garden office. However, this will require planning permission and consent if the room or office is going to be used for habitation.

Can my garden office have a toilet?

Yes, definitely. This will add additional cost due to drainage and water supply being required. However, we design and construct many rooms with toilet, shower, and kitchen facilities.

Do garden offices need foundations?

Yes. We build all our garden rooms, offices, bars, and entertainment spaces on a screw foundation.

Can you use a garden office all year round?

Yes. Because our garden offices are fully insulated, they can be used all year round.

Are there any special electrical requirements for a garden office?

No. We just need to be able to connect the electrical supply to the mains of your house.

Are garden offices secure enough to keep computer equipment in?

Yes. All our uPVC doors and windows come fitted with locks as standard.

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