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Need More Space For Your Clients?

Many people find a fully insulated garden room is the perfect choice for their home-based business – no more so than a hair & beauty, or aesthetic studio.

One of the questions our garden room experts here at Haon Garden Rooms are frequently asked is, ‘can a garden room have running water for a sink and/or toilet?’

And the answer is yes it can!!

There are two options available:

  • A plumbed-in and waste toilet / sink.
  • A non-plumbed in toilet / sink.

Option One

Obviously, going for the plumbed-in option (Installation of plumbing work, piping and waste needed) would incur costs due to the nature of the additional works and installation.

This would vary according to the distance of the garden room from the house and/or water and sewage points.   

However, if your requirement is to have plumbed-in water and waste, it is absolutely possible and something we’ve done for many of our clients.

Nail bar and comfy chair inside garden beauty room
Sink pump basin with two 20L water-cans underneath

Option Two

Should you not want to incur those additional costs, there are other options available. 

One of the best examples is a pump basin, whereby the sink works with a water pump that collects the water from a 20L water-can, feeding through an instant water heater, and collecting the wastewater into a separate 20L water can.

This gives you instant hot water in a convenient sink which you can move to any location!

And should you want that non-plumbed-in toilet, then there is always the option of a chemical toilet too! 

When creating a beautiful working environment, it’s not just the interior furnishings and materials to consider, but your style and design of garden room overall. 

With a bespoke garden room you can choose between a variety of door and window options allowing streams of natural light to flow in, and a choice of fabulous cladding colours or wood fascia to give your exterior that additional wow-factor!

And don’t forget you can even have that much-needed storage space in the way of another room, built into your bespoke beauty or aesthetics garden room.

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