What is a Bespoke Garden Room?

We are a bespoke garden room company

But what is the definition of Bespoke?

“Something that is specifically made according to the needs of an individual client or customer, eg tailor-made and custom-made.”

Therefore, a Bespoke Garden Room is one that’s been designed and built with the individual client’s requirements, style, tastes and needs in mind, and to their unique specifications. 

The beauty of a bespoke garden room is that, amongst many other things, there are so many styles and options you can choose from, all to fit in seamlessly with your own garden, and to enhance it! 

Here are just a few:

  • An unusual shape that is not a standard rectangle or square.
  • Being built onto a slightly sloping garden as a screw foundation can help level the base, and clever decking can be used for gradient stepping.
  • Hidden doors can be created for a sleek finish.
  • Additional rooms and/or storage rooms/spaces can be built inside.
  • A Multitude of different fascia’s, colours, woods and claddings can be used to create the desired aesthetic effect.
  • Plumbing for kitchenettes or bathrooms/en-suites can be installed.
  • Different types of floorings can be installed, for example specific gym floorings for gyms and wood or laminate for multi-use rooms.
  • Built-in features, eg bars and feature walls, TV units, sound systems, and even outside-kitchens under matching canopies on decking.
  • A variety of windows, Bi-fold, Sliding and French Doors.

Here, at Haon Garden Rooms, we are a truly bespoke garden room company, and we thoroughly enjoy designing and building our clients’ dream bespoke Garden Rooms.

Have a look at some of our individually inspired rooms.

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