Our Top Five Garden Room Uses


Top 5 Garden Room Uses

In today’s evolving world, post lockdown travel restrictions, and life back to normal, more and more of us are choosing to work remotely, entertain friends and family in our gardens, or just spend more time at home.

As our lifestyles continue to change, we have seen a substantial increase in families needing extra space without the significant upheaval and costs of a home extension.

Whether you need extra space to work from home, a fabulous bar, a state of the art gym, or a cinema room, then a fabulous garden room is the perfect option for you.

Having a bespoke garden room designed to fit your lifestyle and individual requirements gives you and your family a wide range of options, utilising space which is often available but unused in your garden.

You could turn your garden room into a home gym or a hobby room.  Whatever you like!

In fact, there are so many uses for a garden room that we’d be writing for pages and pages if we discussed every option available.

Therefore, our experts here at Haon Garden Rooms have chosen the five most popular uses that we get asked to design and build by our clients.

Top garden room USES

Garden Office

In recent years we’ve seen a significant shift in the way people choose to work, with hybrid or home working now more widely accepted by employers, and often seen as a benefit to employees.

But it’s not just companies benefiting from smaller office spaces and lower overheads. Last year, there were nearly 800,000 new businesses registered with Companies House, all needing their own HQ.

With more and more of us choosing to work from home (even if it’s just for a few days a week) it’s not always as straight forward as simply creating space in which to work.

Haon Garden Rooms firmly believe that the quality of a workspace environment has a direct impact on productivity and creativity, along with influencing a person’s mental health.

That’s why a dedicated garden office provides you with the privacy needed to focus, whilst creating a relaxing space flooded with light.

Whether you’re looking for a small workspace for those uninterrupted Zoom calls, or a more substantial office to run a business, a garden office can provide you with an inspirational environment which will enhance your garden and meet all your working requirements.

For inspiration simply check out our garden office page.

Top garden room USES

Garden Gym

Leading an active lifestyle is important for both health & fitness and mental health, but sometimes the thought of putting on your gym-wear and driving to a fitness club can be just too much, or off-putting.

With a garden room designed as a home gym, you can stay in shape without ever having to leave your home.

No more waiting in line to use the gym equipment or feeling guilty about that long run on the treadmill.  You can have the pick of equipment in your own space and in your own time.

With the flexibility of a garden room, it’s possible to design a multi-use exercise and entertainment room so the entire family can enjoy the space.

With an area sectioned off for gym equipment, and a sofa and tv in another section, garden rooms can be as much fun for the rest of the family!

For all your Garden Gym ideas and inspiration, check out our garden gym page.

Top garden room USES

Art/Studio Room

Sometimes the only thing stopping us from indulging in our favourite passion or hobby is the space or room to let our imagination flow.

With a garden room designed as a studio, all your equipment can be accessible so you can simply open the door and start creating!

Whatever your passion is, a bespoke garden room makes for the perfect space. 

With plenty of light, and an inside-outside environment, there is nothing stopping you from creating that masterpiece!

If you need a completely dark room for developing photographs, a room for fashion design, or an art studio full of paints, all this can be accommodated within your bespoke garden room.

Explore your creativity and create your dream art studio with our 3D visualiser.

Top garden room USES

Games Room

Living with older children in the house can sometimes be a little chaotic, noisy, and often with a constant flow of guests popping round.

Why not create a space away from the house that can be enjoyed by children of all ages, and at the same time give you the peace and quiet you crave.

With a garden games room, you can allow them the space and independence they long for.

Whether it’s a music room to play those drums or a TV room with a games station to invite friends around to play, a garden room will have it covered without disrupting the rest of the house.

And what about those big kids?  No, we’re not talking about the teenagers again, we’re talking about the BIG-kids who want their man-caves or fabulously designed bar! 

A garden room is the perfect space for a bespoke bar, creating an environment where you can hang out with your friends, drink your favourite tipple, and chat the hours away without the intrusion of others, or the cost of expensive cocktail bars or pubs.

For more inspiration, games room or garden bar ideas, visit our garden rooms page.

Top garden room USES

Home Cinema

Turn your garden room into the ultimate home cinema and always get your favourite front row seat!

Ultra HD projector, Dolby surround sound speakers, black out blinds, and cinema chairs, even add a popcorn machine for that authentic cinema experience, and all of this in your own back garden!

If you’re an avid film buff who wants all the latest technology so you can enjoy the newest blockbuster on a big screen, or just like to enjoy watching a film in peace and quiet, then a garden room is your perfect choice.

Perhaps even consider upgrading your cinema room with extra insulation so you can watch those movies at full volume without upsetting the neighbours.  The options are endless!

Check out our Garden Rooms page for more ideas and inspiration for your home cinema.

Garden Rooms can be used for so many different things – too many to mention in this article alone.  But don’t worry, help is at hand!

To learn more about any of our top garden room suggestions or to discuss your dream garden room, contact us today and speak with a design expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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