Garden Gym

What can be better than to escape to your own private gym?  And you don’t even have to drive to it, it’s in your garden!

Whether it be a space for weights and cardio or yoga and relaxation, Haon garden gyms are the perfect way to go!

With our bespoke garden gym designs, we can create an exercise space that’s designed specifically for you and your workout requirements. 

No more sharing equipment with strangers or waiting to use your favourite piece of apparatus.

Want to work-out with that personal trainer in a more private environment, or with friends to your music and your way?

Then a bespoke garden gym is what you need.

Our designers will make sure you have enough room in your garden gym to fulfil its requirements, and offer you options in specialist gym floorings, lighting, mirrors and so much more.  

Whether your passion is lifting weights, or you prefer daily yoga and Pilates for stretching and strength, a garden gym will allow you the perfect space for everybody.

Read on to find out about our bespoke garden gyms or dive straight into our sample prices and standard specification.

No More Membership Fees

No more paying out for costly gym memberships.  

A home garden gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for its very own VIP members.


Bifold doors open to garden gym with cedar cladding showing gym equipment inside
Inside garden gym with matting covering floor, large mirror and multi use equipment

No More

With no more travelling to and from the gym, you will get more time to spend working-out. 

Simply walk through your garden and start your exercise routine or bike training.

With a garden room gym, there is no excuse not to go!

Your Own Private Exercise Space

With your own gym, you will never need to feel guilty whilst someone waits for your machine. 

And there’s no waiting for you either!

Work out with a personal trainer in peace and quiet or be made to sweat with no one watching. 

Inside of garden gym with doors open showing smart bike trainer
Weights along the wall inside garden gym

Fun For All The Family

Whatever your passion is, the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a garden gym.

Running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, weights and so much more can all be accommodated in one of our bespoke garden rooms.

Book an Appointment

The best way to truly experience the quality and workmanship of our garden rooms is by visiting our fantastic showroom in Stagsden, Bedfordshire

Haon showroom with Haon logo on a decorative wall

Why Choose a Haon Garden Gym

Sometimes life gets in the way of things we love to do, leaving us with not enough hours in the day to keep ourselves healthy and active.

With gym membership prices increasing, a garden gym from Haon is designed to meet the needs of today’s fitness enthusiasts whilst adding value to your home.

A bespoke garden gym can be designed exactly the way you want, to make exercising at home easy and fun for the whole family, and don’t forget your friends too.

When designing a garden gym, head space and arm reach need to be considered. If required, rooms can be constructed higher than our standard 2.5m (external) roof height, to accommodate for lifting weights.

We always recommend that specialist flooring be used as protection from weight-dropping or exertion, and the beauty of being bespoke is that we offer a great range of gym floorings.

We can install plenty of sockets so all your equipment can be fully powered, as well as extra data points in addition to the CAT plate which come as standard.  

You’ll be able to run all your Smart devices and watch TV whilst you work out – or just chill-out afterwards, listening to your favourite music on those fitted speakers, or watch that TV!

We can even install toilet and shower facilities to make it a true gym experience.  You’ll be able to freshen-up after a work-out before you even walk back into the house. 

With a wide choice of doubled glazed uPVC windows and French or bi-folding doors, we make sure that your gym is flooded with as much natural light as possible to take advantage of your wonderful garden views.

With double glazed units and hybris insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor, our garden gyms can be used comfortably any time of the year, and in any weather.

If you like that fresh air-con work-out experience, you can upgrade from our standard-fit electric wall heater to an air-conditioning unit which can also function as a heater in those colder months. 

The choice is yours, because we make your garden gym, your way!

Get in contact with one of our experts today to design your perfect home gym space and come along to our showroom to see our fabulous show-gym.

Why not check out our garden room as a home gym blog article to see what our experts have to say!

Garden Gym Sample Prices and Standard Specification

  • Ground screw foundation system.
  • Fully insulated walls, floor, and ceilings.
  • EPDM rubber roof.
  • Internal strip spotlights.
  • 4 double sockets and 1 data point.
  • External lights with PIR.
  • Choice of external cladding including composite and real wood.
  • Choice of uPVC or aluminium windows and doors.
  • Fully plastered and painted interior.
  • Choice of high quality floor finishes.
  • Electric wall heater.
  • Internet connection.


Our prices are inclusive of VAT and installation and start from.....
  • 5m X 3m - £25,250
  • 6m X 3.5m - £29,000
  • 6m X 4m - £32,150
  • 7.5m 4m - £34,750
Garden gym with a hot tub on outside decking area

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Frequently asked questions about Garden Gyms

Do I need planning permission for a garden gym?

Not as long as the roof height is a maximum of 2.5 meters externally and the building is not more than 30m2.  If you want extra height, this will need to adhere to building regulations.  To check that you do not need planning permission, we refer you to your local council’s planning department for this information.

Can my garden gym have shower and toilet facilities?

Yes, we would need to factor in costs for drainage, water, and a boiler. However, this is definitely an option and something many people enjoy in their garden gym.

Do garden gyms need stronger foundations?

Not with a Haon garden room. All our screw foundations are extremely strong and designed for the specific style and use of the individual room. 

However, we would recommend choosing a specific gym flooring – we have a great range for you to choose from.

Do garden gyms need extra height?

No, extra height is not needed. However, this is something to consider if you are very tall and, or want extra arm-stretch room for lifting weights. Then you may want to consider having a garden gym with additional height.

Do garden gyms need different flooring?

We always recommend you choose a specialist gym flooring as this helps protect from weight-dropping and/or over-exertion in specific areas.

Can you use a garden gym all year round?

Yes, all our garden rooms and garden gyms are fully insulated for all year round use.

Do I need air conditioning in the summer?

You do not need air conditioning in the summer, that is purely a personal choice.  If you would like air conditioning, you can upgrade your standard-fit electric wall heater to an air conditioning unit which also functions as a heater in colder weather.

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