New Year, New Garden Room!

January is that time of year when we all think about how we can be healthier and what we can do to fit this in with our lives!

In this post we look at how a bespoke garden gym can be the perfect way to workout

Inside garden gym with large weight lifting equipment
Inside garden gym with large mirror on the wall and weights hanging on the wall
Grey roller blinds half shut on large bifold doors
Garden room with white blinds shut on bi fold doors

The Benefits of Garden Room Blinds

The absolute finishing touch to any garden room can often be the furnishings, including curtains or blinds.

In this post we look at how blinds can make the difference!

Garden Room for a Beauty Business

Many people find a fully insulated garden room is the perfect choice for their home-based business – no more so than a hair & beauty, or aesthetic studio.

In this post we look at how sinks can easily be installed to make a truly great beauty room.

Nail bar and comfy chair inside garden beauty room
Nail polish displayed on shelves inside garden beauty room
Looking through open French doors into garden gym with large home gym mural on wall
Inside garden room with sewing machine and dress making equipment on desk

A Garden Room For Your Hobbies

Sometimes you just need space to enjoy your hobbies or take a little time away from everything and everyone.

In this post we discuss why bespoke garden rooms are perfect for this.

What is a Bespoke Garden Room?

We are a bespoke garden room company – but what exactly is a bespoke room and why are they perfect for building pretty much anything you like.

Garden room built on a slope with large bi-fold doors open
view from above of unusual shaped garden room in corner of garden
Close up of garden room storage with door open
Outside of garden room with bespoke cladding hiding the storage access

Creative Storage in Garden Rooms

Read all about what our experts have to say about the many different options available to create valuable storage in a garden room.

Planning Regulations

Read all about what our garden room experts have to say about the guidelines and planning regulations around garden rooms.

Close up of a corner of decking
Garden room during construction showing insulation and doors
Large bifold doors open looking into garden room with yellow chairs
Inside garden room with bar area and bar stools

5 Garden Room Uses

Read all about what our garden room experts have to say about the latest trends and creative ideas for our top 5 garden room uses.

Garden Room Home Gym

One trend where we have seen a huge increase in demand is a home gym.

In this article we look at the benefits of home gyms and how they can have a positive impact on our lives.

Gym weight lifting equipment with orange wall behind
Yellow road bike on smart trainer inside garden gym
Inside garden office with bright yellow chairs and office furniture
Inside garden office with furniture and shelf separating room

Challenges with Working from Home

More and more are working from home and spend less time in a traditional office environment.

In this article we look at the challenges with home working and how a separate office space can often solve all the issues.

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