The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of people to have to come to terms with trying to balance their home and work life like never before.

At first the ability to work from home may seem like a huge luxury but there are hidden pitfalls to watch for.

If you expect to continue working from home in 2021, there are some challenges to consider.

Managing your work schedule: without the need for a daily commute many of us have discovered there are now more hours in the day. However does working from home mean lunches tend to be that big longer or the working day starts a little later and finishes a little earlier than it did before? Perhaps you have found the complete opposite and you find it hard to close the laptop lid at the end of the day?

Separating Work and Home Life- when working from home, you no longer have a distinct division between your professional and personal space. We associate home with a place to rest, relax, and be entertained. It can be very easy to let work rule the home life or vise versa. Having a dedicated workspace can help you achieve a better work life balance giving you a distinct separation which lets everyone around you know what mode you are in.

Managing Distractions- reminders of the household chores still left to do and personal life interruptions can get very distracting. Your partner or children can also become a constant source of distraction. Managing distractions is key to maintaining concentration and being able to perform to the best of your ability.

Maintaining Contact with Colleagues and Managers – even when working from home it is essential to still feel like you are part of a team. Regular contact with your manager is important to gain feedback on productivity and the key tasks to be completed. Maintaining relationships with colleagues and other areas of a business is also key for success in carrying out your tasks. Technology has been embraced like never before and now forms a huge part of our daily working lives. Do you have a good position for your webcam? Is your background distracting the people you are talking to or is it adding to the sense of professionalism?

Motivation- in the workplace, you were surrounded by ambitious co-workers who want to achieve more. Working in a more isolated environment means there is not this buzz to feed off. Also the solitude of being on your own can have an impact on mental health so it’s really key to maintain contact with the wider business and to consider what is the next step in your career or personal life.

We firmly believe a lot of the above can be impacted by providing yourself with a dedicated workspace that is tailored to your requirements. A garden room gives you separation from your home life, can be constructed in a way to maximise natural light with no distractions hanging around on the walls behind you. Technology is at the heart of a lot of what we do so data and power are also key in creating a dedicated workspace. A change of scenery and something new in our lives can also give us a huge boost and having a workspace you can be proud of can certainly assist in elevating you to the next level.

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