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Recent Projects

Garden Gym - Bedfordshire

Garden gym with a hot tub on outside decking area

Home Gym / Music Room


October 2022


Bespoke 5m x 4m



Bespoke Garden Gym

During lockdown we were contacted by a family in Bedfordshire to help them design a garden den that made better use of an awkward space in the corner of the garden.

But turned into so much more!

Read on for full details of this stunning project.

Weightlifting equipment inside a Haon garden gym

Multi Use Garden Room Gym and Den

We love it when projects start with an idea but then turn into so much more.

This happened when a family from Bedfordshire contacted us to help them replace an old worn out shed that was being used as a boy’s den.

Due to the layout of the garden and the angle of the perimeter fence, we were asked if we could do anything with the odd space and turn it into something which utilised the area that was currently being wasted.

Initially the room was to replace the old shed which their three teenage boys were using as a music room / TV room / general hangout place.

However, with lockdown preventing them from going to the gym, it became clear that their garden room and space could be so much more!

After a design consultation with our team, we managed to make the space work with a much larger bespoke solution, and divided the rooms so it could be enjoyed by the whole family.

So, just from a kids’ den we provided a solution for a gym / workout area and a music room. 

Our Haon Garden Room Solution

Because of our truly bespoke solutions, we were able to utilise every bit of space available and offer our customer options that are not possible with an off-the-shelf garden room design.

Splitting the inside space, we were able to facilitate a large area to be used as a gym and a smaller room to be used as a music room.

However, our designers were also able to accommodate a hot tub and decking area outside to make full use of the space available.

For the gym to be used through the warm summer months we were asked to install air conditioning and to facilitate the clients weightlifting machinery we designed and constructed the garden room with extra height.

As the area to be used was on the other side of the garden, our team had to run the new mains cabling from the garage on one side, through the loft, and to the other side of the garden.  But it was all in a day’s work for our team!


“Being able to use every bit of space has allowed us to be able to get a garden room that the whole family can enjoy – all year round”.

Happy Customers

From what started out as a room that the kids could use as their own space turned into a stunning area that can be used by everyone.

Unused corners of the garden are often forgotten areas that just become wasted, but with a little bit of creativity they can become the hub of family life.

If you want to know more about this project or how we can help design your perfect garden room, simply get in touch with us today and book a free design consultation in our showroom in Stagsden Bedfordshire.

You can also check out our garden gym page for more inspiration.

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