The Ideal Home Exhibition 2024

MARCH 2024

Ideal Home Exhibition

In March of this year we were approached by the Ideal Home show with an opportunity for us to exhibit at their Dream Home Exhibition in London.

Now this wasn’t something we had planned to do, as the Ideal Home Show obviously attracts a vast number of people who are outside of our current geographical reach (and we wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone), as well as the many people who would fall within our geographical areas.

View from top balcony looking down on Olympia exhibition centre
Garden Room set up inside Olympia centre with green carpet in front

But we were thrilled to be invited to exhibit!

After extensive conversations with the exhibition organisers, and some serious consideration on our part, we decided that this was something we wanted to be involved in. 

And besides, it was an offer too good to refuse!  

So we all waded in and jumped on board!


With a little over a month to prepare, including designing and building our garden room and sorting logistical arrangements, marketing material, and so much more, this was no easy task! 

But nevertheless, with all hands on deck and enthusiasm running high, the excitement of the upcoming show really pushed everyone on, and we did it! 

We were ready in time, and what an amazing show we had!

Front of garden room set up inside Olympia with lights on
Copyright image from Ideal Home Show marketing

The Ideal Home Show on its own is just a wonderful experience with so many things to see, smell, taste and feel; giving innovative ideas as well as freshening up tried and tested old ones. 

And, with Guest speakers being George Clarke, Laurence Llewely-Bowen, Martin Lewis, Dannie Menzies, John Torode & Lisa Faulkner, David Domoney, Scarlette & Stuart Douglas, Style Sisters, and many more,  there was so much to hear and learn (as well as many funny story to be told!) that it made for a truly wonderful experience for everyone who exhibited, as well as everyone who went!

(Copyright of photo belongs to Ideal Home Show 2024)

With so many of our contacts and customers taking us up on our offer of complimentary tickets, it was wonderful to see everyone joining our stand at the Ideal Home Show 2024.

On top of that we had a huge amount of people who hadn’t yet come across our company and stopped by to see our fabulous garden showroom and, in many cases, register their interest and place orders with us.

To make the show extra special we had special-offer prices for signings which took place at the Ideal Home Show 2024.

Many new clients from the show decided to take advantage of these offers and are already booked onto our team calendars ready for their builds to commence.

Looking down from balcony at the Haon Garden Rooms stand
Close up of poster with QR offer

It is always with huge pride that we, at Haon Garden Rooms, get to show people the high quality of our materials, excellent workmanship and bespoke design.

So, with a television reel of hundreds of photos of Haon garden rooms, and samples of claddings, floorings, electrical options, and so much more, there was something for everyone to see.

It was a long, and at times tiring, 17 days for all of us, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to our next show but don’t tell our build team!

They may not be quite as excited as our sales team😂!

Check out the image scroll at the bottom to see the scale of the logistics and setup!

Preparing for Summer 2024

So now as we go into the (hopefully) warmer months and our team’s calendars are filling up super-fast for the summer ahead, we invite anyone who’s not already looked into having a bespoke Haon Garden Room to have a look at our website and see some of the wonderful garden rooms we’ve already created. 

A good sample of them are on there so we can inspire you to imagine what we can do with yours!

Looking out from inside stand to the exhibition area
Customer lounge set up with sofa and TV area

If you are looking for a bespoke, or just a truly fabulous, garden room, then call our sales team on 01908 893215 to discuss your requirements, or check out the rest of our website for some inspirational ideas, or book an appointment at our Showroom in Stagsden, where we have a variety of garden rooms on display in different sizes, with cladding and wood options and flooring samples to touch and see.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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