The pandemic and lockdown restrictions have forced many people to stay at home and avoid going out for fear of risking COVID transmission. Even now, with restrictions slowly being lifted, we are seeing a trend where more and more families are choosing to stay in and cook their own meals and create their own entertainment. Effective vaccines and the promise to lift lockdown restrictions have caused many businesses including restaurants and theatres to make plans for a summer reopening but the question remains, ‘will anyone show up?’

      As we have become more comfortable in our own homes, modern technology has made it easier for us to stay in and still enjoy date nights and family nights.

A Garden Room From Haon Garden Rooms

     If your home doesn’t have the space you would like for post pandemic entertaining, there is a solution that doesn’t require an expensive home extension or loft conversion. A garden room from Haon Garden Rooms will not only increase your family’s living space, but it can also increase the value of your home and become the perfect space for kids to play.

       Homeowners everywhere have expressed interest in building a cinema room, music room, or games room where they can relax and enjoy their family time. A garden room can be configured to be just about anything you like and it can provide a safe and comfortable place for family and friends. In today’s post pandemic world, children need a place to hang out with friends and not worry about COVID for a while.

The Perfect Space To Play

     With the ability to add a data connection, a garden room from Haon Garden Rooms can become the ideal area for watching movies other streaming services. Unlike an expensive home extension, in most cases you won’t need to worry about planning permission, and you won’t lose any space in your home by reconfiguring a spare room or your garage into a home office. From date of initial enquiry through to completion can be as little as 3-4 weeks so it is also a much quicker build than a home extension. A stylish garden room is a comfortable spot where you can unwind, de-stress and listen to music, play video games, paint, enjoy hobbies, or just read a book.

Contact Haon Garden Rooms

     To talk to us about your garden play room requirements, contact Haon Garden Rooms today and speak with a garden room design expert who can answer any questions you might have hello@haongardenrooms.co.uk or 01908 893215.

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